The Vanuatu island in the eye of the storm


Pentecost Island, devastated by Cyclone Harold in April, has been left a silent shadow of its former self. But its people endure

Touching down on the island of Pentecost in Vanuatu, it takes hours to notice the silence. After a while it hits you: there’s no birdsong, no insects buzzing and chittering. There is no wind in the trees.

You don’t register the silence at first because your eyes are overwhelmed with the magnitude of the destruction. The eye of category 5 Cyclone Harold passed directly over the central and southern half of this remote and mountainous island on April 5.

Smoke rises from a fire burning off some of the masses of debris left by the storm

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Melsisi remains covered in wreckage and debris

Blasted landscapes extend hundreds of square kilometres across the island

Before the storm, a Melsisi church would draw a large crowd

Before and after image of Melsisi, a village on Pentecost Island

One of the local girls Lilon looking through the door to our house

Children watch as their dried kava is weighed 

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Source: The Guardian - Natural disasters and extreme weather