Making a Difference Managing Differences:
Cultural Factors in Disaster Management

What is the CARISMAND Toolkit about?

“Culture And RISk management in Man-made And Natural Disasters” (CARISMAND) aimed to deal with issues of preparedness, response to disasters and after-crisis recovery which are, inevitably, influenced by the cultural background of individuals and the society they live in. Cultural factors play an important role in determining the way people response to stress, engage in crisis management and accept disaster relief in an emergency. A disaster management which is aware, respects, and makes use of local cultural aspects will be not only more effective but, at the same time, also improve the community’s disaster coping capacities.

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Latest Recommendations

Develop guidelines for disaster practitioners that take into consideration the different needs of and approaches to different ethnical groups


Use local knowledge, collective memory and shared cultural values to improve disaster preparedness, response and recovery


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